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This is Nutrition Plus’ first weekly Blog where we will discuss everything from the up coming fitness fads, to our supplements for sale, we will even talk about topics for the whole family such as healthy nutrition for growing kids. Follow us at any of our social media platforms, and if your are a resident of Indianapolis come train with us and bring a friend. Our results are backed up with science and a guarantee! (IF YOU DON’T ATTAIN YOUR GOAL YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK!) Results is what drives Nutrition Plus… Proven to give you the best results of your life.

Weights vs. Cardio

This is an AGE OLD ratio that mostly every trainer who deals with weight loss have to understand and master.

A personal trainer (PT) should respond to an average person or potential client (AP) who is striving for healthy weight loss in this manner:

AP: I’m trying to loose 50 lbs in 6 months

PT: That is a very ambitious goal, understanding that HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS means your loosing one to two pounds a week that can be attainable. (50 lbs - 6 Months [26 weeks] = 24 to 52 Lbs) With resistance training (weight training) along with cardiovascular training.

AP: Why do I have to lift weights? I can loose weight just by cardio and diet right?

PT: Yes, that is true, when caloric output exceeds caloric intake you eventually will loose weight by burning calories, fat and MUSCLE. When the muscle of your body starts to ATROPHY (wasting away of muscle) you will become flabby, stretch marks will appear and you will be less fit in the long term then you started.

AP: How will I be less fit if I loose 50 pounds???

PT: Like this,

Say your profile states you a sedentary woman of 3 middle aged kids, your starting attributes include 200 lbs with aBody Fat % of 39. Which leaves you with 78 Lbs of Fat and 122 lbs of Lean Body Mass (LBM, Everything in your body besides fat). Your starting off in an obese category in the already.

Click "Here" to Get a PDF version of a Body Fat chart

Now undergoing a 6 month protocol of healthy nutrition and cardio to achieve your goal your attributes will look sort of like this. 150 lbs with a Body Fat % of 46. Which leaves you with 69 lbs of fat and 81 lbs of LBM. You will be in a worst situation then you started in.

*Your weight has went down.

*Your fat percentage has significantly up.

*You are still hanging around in the Obese category.

Now, let’s use the same profile but add resistance training into the protocol.

Now undergoing a 6 month protocol of healthy nutrition, cardio and RESISTANCE to achieve your goal your attributes will look sort of like this. 150 lbs with a Body Fat % of 31. Which leaves you with 46.5 lbs of fat and 103.5 lbs of LBM. You will be in a much more healthier situation then you started in.

*Your weight has went down

*Your fat percentage has significantly decreased

*You are now in the Ideal range and out of the over-fat.

AP: Oh…

PT: That’s why resistance training is so important. Not only will you build muscle that helps burn fat while you sleep you actually will look much better, your skin will conform without stretch marks and your whole kinetic chain will be stronger and more durable.

AP: Where do I sign up for a personal trainer like you?

PT: Here at Nutrition Plus LLC

In conclusion, make sure you are getting informed correctly, if you have any concerns or feel like you fall into a cardio no resistance situation. Follow us, sign up for our News letter or contact us at any of our platforms and we can start you off with a complimentary one week regiment.

-Benjamin Gomes


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